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Announcing voxeliq: retake

Few days ago I’ve pushed a new release of voxeliq v0.2. It contains major improvements over the last year’s version; More code cleanup & bug-fixes. Improved mesh optimization ( Added unit tests for engine....

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Frenzied Devlog III – Main Menu

So development continues on — gameplay is quite complete and we have started committing in the graphics assets starting with the main – menu; Expect more updates soon!

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MonoGame Git Visualization

We have decided to use the awesome gource to visualize the history of MonoGame‘s github repository and the output is fascinating! So here is how we did; Step 1 – fetching avatars To download available avatars...

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Frenzied Devlog I

We are still working on Frenzied and atm, targeting it to release first for Windows Store and then Android Store. Here is  a quick sneak peak video from Frenzied development-build running over android;

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Frenzied Prototype

We have been working on a prototype of upcoming game; Frenzied (or whatever we will call it once it’s done); Built with MonoGame 3.0 stable. Will first arrive on Windows 8 Store.

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Improved mesh optimization

We have been lately working a lot on the Voxeliq Engine and thought it’s about time to push an update; Possibly the quite exiting change lately is the improved mesh optimization support. Actually this...